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Targus Mouse Reviews

With 71 Targus Mice in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Targus Mouse. We analyze price, features, and Targus mouse reviews - to pick the top mice from Targus. We'll help you find great deals on a Targus mouse. Other top brands of mice are: Gear Head, Logitech, Microsoft, Kensington, Mad Catz.
Reviews for this Targus mouse (1 user review.): "The mouse randomly decides whether or not it will click...usually does, but then sometimes just doesn't...Given to suddenly slowing down, connection problems...All In all, I'd avoid this mouse if you don't have small hands, a very smooth mouse pad and not electronic interference in the area......"
Reviews for this Targus mouse: "Targus AMU80US Optical Mouse. The Targus USB Optical Laptop Mouse is a three-button mouse with an ergonomic design to provide comfort while in use."
Reviews for this Targus mouse (4 user reviews): "Really small - fits very well in small hands Really small - does not fit well in large hands My daughter is 4 and wants to play web games but was having difficulty maneuvering with my standard sized Logitech mouse...Cursor is slightly jumpy and fast even at slowest settings, but that might be because I'm using Ubunutu Linux on a netbook...Got mine from a retail store on a whim, but it turned out to be a good buy..."
Reviews for this Targus mouse (1 user review.): "Comfortable shape, extra side buttons are easier to utilize than they look - Shoddy scroll wheel Scroll wheel worked for about a week before contact became somewhat unstable...Any time the scroll wheel is used, it is apparently semi-random whether or not and how much the mouse scrolls up or down...Everything else is good about this mouse, and the 5-button wired mouse is, somehow, becoming rarer and rarer, so this is still one of the better ones on the market..."
Reviews for this Targus mouse (1 user review.): "1.) Nice feel/shape 2.) Lengthy cable, but not too long 3.) Very accurate 4.) Compact, but not too small It's very light...Overall, this is a great little mouse...personally, since my bag is so large, I'll be grabbing a full sized mouse for my laptop..."
Reviews for this Targus mouse (3 user reviews): "Small, nice light on the back, very simple After 5 years, the color is wearing off the side (?) This is a great little mouse...random shooting across the screen and random double-clicks after a year also...Middle button takes a bit more force to press than the other two buttons..."
Reviews for this Targus mouse: "Read Targus consumer reviews. Find product reviews for Keyboards and Mice by real customers on Epinions.com"