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Reviews for Universal Remotes with Macro Functions

You may have to read the manual once or twice to program a macro function on some universal remotes but once the sequence of commands is programmed in, it can be a real time saver.
Reviews for this RCA universal remote: "RCA: 000,006,011,019,027,034,038,044: Emerson: 011,026,027,028,029,030: 046,088: 031,032,037,042,053,064: Realistic: 021: 065,067,075,076,079: Sampo: 011,027 ..."
Reviews for this Optoma universal remote: "Read Amazon, applicable devices search dvd player consumer reviews. Find product reviews for Remote Controls by real customers on Epinions.com"
Reviews for this Audiovox universal remote: "Audiovox Corp - Rca One For All Audiovox Universal Remote Control (rcrp05b) - ... OARN04S 4 Device Remote OARN05G 5 Device Remote OARN08G 8 Device Remote ..."
Reviews for this GE universal remote: "Quick Specs - Remote control type: Universal remote control - Supported devices: TV, VCR or DVD, Satellite or Cable. Price: $7.99 from 1 store."
Reviews for this GE universal remote: "4/16/13 - "Harmony Ultimate" hybrid touchscreen and "Harmony Smart Control" models join the ranks."
Reviews for this Sony universal remote: "Sony rarely creates any fanfare when the accessories division releases a new remote control... they just appear one day on Sony’s dealer site."
Reviews for this RCA universal remote (1 user review.): "The RCRP05B features the JP1 (technically the JP1.3) interface - with a JP1-to-USB cable and a few hours of learning, you can program this remote to control just about anything with an IR sensor...Even without a JP1 cable, you can still manually program it to run many more devices besides those for which codes are already included...Controls everything in my living room except my three-year-old..."
Reviews for this RCA universal remote (1 user review.): "cheap, Easy to Setup, perfect for my dorm...I bought it 6 months or so ago, and it works just fine...it'd be nice to have the lights all light up at night so i didn't have to look real hard for when i change the channel, but it's understandable that it doesn't because it's so affordable..."
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