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How do you choose from 11 V-Moda Headphones? What is the best place to find all V-Moda headphone reviews? Retrevo helps you find top-rated V-Moda headphones, by analyzing price, features and V-Moda headphone reviews. Our goal is to find you the best bang for the buck V-Moda headphone. Other top brands of headphones are: Koss, JVC, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic.
Reviews for this V-Moda headphone (70 user reviews): "I like to equalize all the music I hear to enhance the low frequencies, and these headphones make it sound very good, without distortion as long as the source can handle it...The metal frame of my glasses have done very bad damage on the fabric and now the foam of the cushions is exposed...I got them on a really good sale but if they were ever stolen or lost I wouldn't mind buying another pair for MSRP if I had to..."
Reviews for this V-Moda headphone: "A generous feature set, rugged construction, and warm, detailed sound with powerful bass guarantees the V-Moda M-100's strong appeal for audiophiles with a ..."
Reviews for this V-Moda headphone (3 user reviews): "Sound is crystal clear and there is no distortion...Amazing bass even for size of driver, Very good durability dropped and stepped on multiple time but working just like new, earbuds fit in perfectly...So I went around town checking the stores, finally made my way to a local music store where I found the "good stuff..."
Reviews for this V-Moda headphone (11 user reviews): "When jogging and even when sitting at work with these headphones on the cords rub together when I move and I can hear the sound through the earphones, this is especially irritating while jogging...Tough cables and set up overall...Got it for 20 bucks so it wasn't a bad deal at all..."
Reviews for this V-Moda headphone (66 user reviews): "there appeares some sort of short circuit on the cable that dampens volume randomly - can't trace it to bad cable by twist test I expect quality after spending some money...May be I got a bad piece, still very disappointing...Quite honestly just as good as my bose headset, and will serve me well as a change of equipment..."
Reviews for this V-Moda headphone: "V-Moda's Bass Freq earphones are the perfect accessory for bass-loving Creative Zen Micro owners who are on a budget. If you prefer less low end, look ..."
Reviews for this V-Moda headphone (10 user reviews): "A lot of serious audiophile reviewers maintain that this M-80 design still beats out the newer and far more expensive M-100 model in terms of overall sound quality / profile, and having tried the M-100s, I would have to agree...Along with these comments, you can read a thousand reviews elsewhere that will praise the build quality and durability of the headphones along with praise for the accessories & packaging -- I would agree entirely with all of those common 'pros...One quick note about the person that gave these one egg while still saying the headphones 'sound good' -- if one is a Verified Purchaser, I don't see how s/he could have taken more than 30 days to open the package to realize that it was supposedly defective..."
Reviews for this V-Moda headphone (5 user reviews): "Any impact on the cable (brushing or otherwise) is audible while listening with these in...Embarrassed to show it to people...Kevlar wrapping is a nice idea in theory but makes a lot of noise when used with earbuds..."
Reviews for this V-Moda headphone (5 user reviews): "The sound reproduction is good, but not great...I would greatly recommend these to anyone that is wanting to put a little more money into a durable over-the-ear with great sound...fantastic solid build, good style and looks, detachable cords a definitive plus..."
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