All About Vizio HDTV Sets

Vizio HDTV sets range from the LCD, LED-backlit E Series, which mostly have low refresh rates, to the internet-connected LED-backlit M Series, which have higher refresh rates, and the high-end 3D XVT Series.


How to Decode a Vizio Model Number

How to Decode a vizio Model Number

2011 Series at a Glance

Series Name E Series M Series E3D Series M3D Series XVT3D Series
Resolution 720p/1080P 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p
Refresh Rate 60 Hz 60/120/240 Hz 120 Hz 240 Hz 120/240/480 Hz
Screen Sizes 22-42 42, 47 32, 42, 47 42, 47, 55 32-65
3D Ready ----- ----- Yes Yes Yes
Connectivity ----- Wi-Fi Integrated Wi-Fi Integrated Wi-Fi Integrated Wi-Fi Integrated
Backlight Tech CCFL/Edge-Lit LED Edge-Lit LED CCFL LED w/ LD LED
Additional Features ----- Vizio Internet Apps Vizio Internet Apps Vizio Internet Apps Vizio Internet Apps

Vizio's Special Features

For an explanation of Vizio's own "branded" features like Smooth Motion click here. (jump to below...)

The Vizio 2011 HDTV Series in Depth


Vizio E & E3D Series

The E Series from Vizio are the entry-level HDTVs with both LCD and LED-LCD screens and a 60 Hz refresh rate. Most models available have the higher 1080p resolution but some of the smaller sets are 720p. The E3D Series come equipped with a 3D CCFL-backlit LCD screen and access to Vizio Internet Apps, which can stream content to the set.

Vizio M & M3D Series

Vizio's M Series mostly comprise of models with LED-LCD displays and LED with smart dimming. All models are equipped with 1080p resolution but the refresh rate varies between the families. (120 Hz - 240 Hz)

New in 2011 models is the inclusion of Internet connectivity with VIA (Vizio Internet Apps) streaming content. The M3D Series have the ability to display 3D content.

Vizio XVT3D Series

The XVT3D Series from Vizio is the top of the line LED-LCD models. Panel Type ranges from Edge-Lit LED to LED with Smart Dimming to Full Array LED with Local Dimming. All the models are of 1080p resolution and have high refresh rates (120 Hz - 240 Hz). All sets in the family can also stream content from the Vizio Internet Apps service and display 3D content as well.

Vizio's Own Special Features

Vizio Internet Apps (VIA)

Vizio's personal take on Internet TV gives a set the ability to stream content such as Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and Hulu Plus straight to the HDTV.

Smart Dimming

A method used on full-array local dimming sets in which individual blocks of pixels are dimmed or brightened in order to increase the contrast and clarity of the picture.

Smooth Motion

Vizio's motion interpolation software uses frame creation and backlight control to increase refresh rate and decrease flickering.

SRS TruVolume / TruSurround

Advanced audio hardware and software are integrated with these sets to provide such features as automatic volume control and simulated surround sound.

Razor LED backlighting

The name Vizio gave to its edge-lit LED backlighting technology.

Theater 3D

Vizio's method of using passive 3D technology in their 3D sets. This is named so because of the passive 3D method used in movie theatres.

  • Full HD3D: The name given to Vizio's 2010 3D models, which achieved 1080p 3D resolution.

Branded Features

For an explanation of "branded" features and cross-TV comparison click here »

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