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Yamaha Headphone Reviews

With 16 Yamaha Headphones in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Yamaha Headphone. We analyze price, features, and Yamaha headphone reviews - to pick the top headphones from Yamaha. We'll help you find great deals on a Yamaha headphone. Other top brands of headphones are: Koss, JVC, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica.
Reviews for this Yamaha headphone (25 user reviews): "I don't own any high-end earbuds to compare against, but I subjectively think they produce very good sound for the price when compared to my over-the-ear headphones...If you are looking for nice sounding earbuds with a good amount of bass...3-Sizes included I paid $12 after promos, and for this price there are no cons, but the cord does tangle My ears are super sensitive to in-ear buds, and these are the only buds that fit so well I hardly notice I'm wearing them..."
Reviews for this Yamaha headphone (1 user review.): "Low Price Great mid to high range sound reproduction Wires feel stiff, in the past this is where other headphones failed broken wire...They are all plastic don't sit on them I purchased these locally...These may not be for everybody, if you want loud get ear-buds I have a Sylvania mp3 player and use headphones with my computer..."
Reviews for this Yamaha headphone (29 user reviews): "I would buy them again Good fit; great sound, and there's base...Yamaha is the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments and their product is always very good...None Good for me since some of my music player doesn't have equalizer and this headphone doesn't need equalizer to make further adjustments..."
Reviews for this Yamaha headphone: "The Yamaha EPH-30 in-ear headphones model 9 mm drivers, a 1.2-meter cable, and soft silicone ear buds."
Reviews for this Yamaha headphone: "Pros. They block out noise, they fold up for portability and ease of storage, and they sound great. Cons. Some people might think they're a little big, and the cord ..."
Reviews for this Yamaha headphone (2 user reviews): "Audiophile grade, Low cost, light weight, isolation Carrying case These are fantastic! They are getting excellent reviews at headfi for a reason...you can really tell when a device has horrible sound quality and has really good sound quality...the major one still remains the gold pla..."
Reviews for this Yamaha headphone (3 user reviews): "Nice set of headphones for the price...can't compare with other headphones in its price range as I haven't listened to any others in a while, but the sound is definitely good...these are much more comfortable than any i've owned..."
Reviews for this Yamaha headphone (5 user reviews): "Wife stood up while standing on cord a couple times...regular price $30 newegg $25, they sent me a promo code for 50% off got these for $12.50...7.8/10 Awesome sound quality for the price...it can handle my headphone amplifier and still hold the quality..."
Reviews for this Yamaha headphone (6 user reviews): "very good, however do not expect excessive bass (bass is still there), in fact my initial impression was too much treble...After buying 2 different headphones that were either uncomfy or bad sounding I am glad I chose yamaha...They don't have particularly good treble or bass but rather, they are just very well balanced..."
Reviews for this Yamaha headphone: "Product information for Yamaha CM500 Black Headband Headsets. The Yamaha CM500 Headset combines closed-ear, noise-reducing headphones with a sensitive dynamic microphone."