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With 12 Zonet Switches in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Zonet Switch. We analyze price, features, and Zonet switch reviews - to pick the top switches from Zonet. We'll help you find great deals on a Zonet switch. Other top brands of switches are: Cisco, HP, Netgear, D-link, TRENDnet.
Reviews for this Zonet switch (25 user reviews): "Works, cheap Doesn't not work Works perfectly, cheap none so far bought this to replace a 5 year-old linksys router and it does the job perfectly small, low heat output, low cost I bought one of these in spring 2005...For casual users owning multiple machines, I highly recommend this switch...I don't ever really doing anything that intensely demands bandwidth so I don't know that I could recommend this small switch for lan parties, etc..."
Reviews for this Zonet switch (72 user reviews): "Worked really well for about 10 days...You can't go wrong with this little switch...Smaller than I had expected, easily integrated into an existing network None that I have experienced so far I bought this simply to expand my home network by adding a few more computers and a printer...works easily and as advertised..."
Reviews for this Zonet switch (124 user reviews): "can beat it for the price, not to mention the good ratings...This allows me to have a good wireless signal anywhere in the house...Good switch! Cheap fast and plug and play..."
Reviews for this Zonet switch (1 user review.): "The LEDs that show the connections blend together so they are useless to show which ports are active...I took an egg off for its looks...If you want a cheap switch that you can hide somewhere, go for it..."
Reviews for this Zonet switch (53 user reviews): "So this is a good switch you can rely on...None To bad they didnt have a giga switch for the same price...very short power cord but still worth it lining all the corners in rubber would be a good idea for shock protection from bass and what not, just an idea..."
Reviews for this Zonet switch (11 user reviews): "I was expecting something that felt somewhat cheap and plastic like, but this thing is pretty dang good for the money and I would recommend this to anyone...Ran some CAT5 from my router through the wall/ceiling and now it's good to go...Finding a less expensive switch with good memory is sometimes hard to find - this has enough memory that it can queue traffic enough to reduce resends and such..."
Reviews for this Zonet switch (2 user reviews): "Handles the heavy load we put on it everyday in our office without any hitches..."
Reviews for this Zonet switch (8 user reviews): "This is a simple and inexpensive network switch that has been working fine for one of my clients modest small-business network (1 wired server, 8 wired workstation, 2 wired printers, and several wireless workstations...This is a good value, as long as you have realistic expectations of what you'll get for under $40...the cheapest 16 port switch from a good brand none i own a retail buisness..."
Reviews for this Zonet switch: "I bought a Zonet 3324 a few weeks ago and this is my first chance to use it but I do not know how to setup any hot keys. I have 2 desktops each has a dedicated ..."
Reviews for this Zonet switch (3 user reviews): "Plug-and-play like what you would expect from a switch...Not so much so when the other computer are running but it can be heard otherwise...I'd recommend this for anyone looking for 16 ports and gigabit speeds..."
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