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How do you choose from 44 iHome Mice? What is the best place to find all iHome mouse reviews? Retrevo helps you find top-rated iHome mice, by analyzing price, features and iHome mouse reviews. Our goal is to find you the best bang for the buck iHome mouse. Other top brands of mice are: Gear Head, Logitech, Microsoft, Kensington, Mad Catz.
Reviews for this iHome mouse (2 user reviews): "This is one comfortable mouse to use...Absolutely excellent - great sensitivity - good feel - great for kids and adults with limited mousepad/deskspace...You may have to adjust settings in the Ctrl Panel if you wish to reduce mouse sensitivity......"
Reviews for this iHome mouse (2 user reviews): "laser tech so it works on unusual surfaces, lightweight took a gamble on an untested 15$ mouse and lost...the worst is the silver thing between the buttons, it's a fixed piece of plastic so you need to reach around it to push the black buttons...too cheap to RMA, in the trash it goes..."
Reviews for this iHome mouse (41 user reviews): "I feels good in your hands also...None At first the wheel was great, the build quality wasn't too bad...Don't buy this mouse, it's no good, will fail good quality, comfortable to use, inexpensive..."
Reviews for this iHome mouse (56 user reviews): "Cheap, scroll wheel works good, 2 DPI modes Wobbles on flat surfaces, sliders on bottom of mouse peeled off after about a month, color faded after 2-3 months, too light and too big for my liking...would not recommend this mouse unless you are on a budget...Good ergonomic design decreases wrist strain and helped with carpel tunnel syndrome symptoms..."
Reviews for this iHome mouse (3 user reviews): "With a mouse I bought several years ago, its behavior was jagged and difficult to use...The wireless USB input is very very small (when inside of the USB port it probably sticks out about an inch or less) and has never snagged on anything...I use this on my laptop and it works GREAT! none..."
Reviews for this iHome mouse (2 user reviews): "I use this mouse for my Asus gaming laptop and it is very responsive with no hiccups...Customer service pretty much told me they were clueless...I haven't had the chance to talk to iHome about getting a replacement, but my experience with the tilt wheel problem tells me that its going to be a painful process of me trying to play interpreter and sucker..."
Reviews for this iHome mouse (2 user reviews): "When it worked for the short while it did this mouse could be plugged into any computer, without an installed driver, and do basic computer functions...It had a good range even when the USB plug was around the back of the computer...The only other good "pro" is the color schemes as this one is black, red and gray..."