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How do you choose from 54 iRobot Vacuums? What is the best place to find all iRobot vacuum reviews? Retrevo helps you find top-rated iRobot vacuums, by analyzing price, features and iRobot vacuum reviews. Our goal is to find you the best bang for the buck iRobot vacuum. Other top brands of vacuums are: Shop-Vac, Hoover, Eureka, Bissell, Oreck.
Reviews for this iRobot vacuum: "iRobot Roomba Virtual Wall Lighthouse , review by becky2259. I have owned Roomba Vacuums for a good part of the last decade. My current crew consists of two of the ..."
Reviews for this iRobot vacuum: "The Latest in Irobot Technology, review by brroberts2. If you are looking for a cutting edge robotic vacuum cleaner, than the iRobot 630 Robotic Vacuum is definitely ..."
Reviews for this iRobot vacuum: "I'm expected to sweep and/or vacuum every day? Not when I have the iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot here to help."
Reviews for this iRobot vacuum (2 user reviews): "I am very disappointed in this item...buy yourself a good vacuum and do it yourself once a week...I returned this item after less than a week..."
Reviews for this iRobot vacuum (1 user review.): "Both my mom and I love our scooba...It cleans the floor real good, but not travertine, its at its best on a solid color...I'm thinking of getting one for my niece, she's busy and has a large area of tile..."
Reviews for this iRobot vacuum (1 user review.): "No more hand mopping (unless you enjoy that type of thing...Even with the Cons listed it is a great product, but very expensive to own...It is also a little noisy as well..."
Reviews for this iRobot vacuum (9 user reviews): "I would not recommend this product as a gift, or for people that are not tolerant with this kind of technology...Recommend it highly Does what it is supposed to do...Would definitely recommend to others and/or purchase again..."
Reviews for this iRobot vacuum (3 user reviews): "Once or twice a week, and especially before/after I have company, I'll switch Roomba on and let him do the floors while I take a pass on the ceilings and furniture with the duster and a wash rag...Needs very little supervision - Battery lasts over 30 min of continuous cleaning - easy to empty collection bin, clean off brushes, and restore to like new condition - spinning side brush does a good job along walls - Does NOT pick up all cat hair, dirt, dust...It really does leave a lot of dirt, etc all around the edges of area rugs..."
Reviews for this iRobot vacuum (5 user reviews): "Seems to not get stuck as often as previous 500 series ones I have...I don't recommend the 400 series as the 500 series works and doesn't usually get tangled up when going over wires, lamp cords, computer cords, etc...This model does not automatically run and come to the recharger but it is a good basic model..."
Reviews for this iRobot vacuum (6 user reviews): "they work and they work well...Too bad the only ones that you can find in this style are "commercial grade" (i.e...I would recommend this product, but no matter how great of a product you will never be 100% happy..."