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Table of contents
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• Symbols and conventions used in the documentation
• Printing Methods
• About paper
• Type and size of paper
• Recommended paper
• Unprintable area
• Printing on plain paper
• Printing on thick paper, labels and envelopes
• Duplex printing
• Guidelines for printing on both sides of the paper
• Manual duplex printing
• Booklet printing (for Windows® printer driver)
• Printing photos from a digital camera (HL-3075CW only)
• PictBridge requirements
• Setting your digital camera
• Printing images
• Connecting a camera as a storage device
• DPOF printing
• Printing images with Secure Function Lock 2.0 enabled...
• Printing data from a USB flash memory drive with direct...
• Supported file formats
• Direct Print default settings
• Creating a PRN or PostScript® 3™ (HL-3075CW only) file for...
• Printing data directly from the USB flash memory drive
• Driver and Software
• Printer driver
• Features in the printer driver (for Windows®)
• Using the custom monochrome printer driver (for Windows®)
• Features in the printer driver (for Macintosh)
• Installing the BR-Scrip printer driver
• Uninstalling the printer driver
• Printer driver for Windows®
• Printer driver for Macintosh
• Software
• Software for networks
• About emulation modes (HL-3075CW only)
• Automatic emulation selection (HL-3075CW only)
• Automatic interface selection
• Control Panel
• Buttons
• Cancel
• Secure Print
• or - button
• Back
• LEDs
• Back light (HL-3075CW only)
• LCD messages
• Reprinting documents
• Printing Secure data
• Using the control panel LCD menu
• Menu table
• Default settings
• Frequency
• Calibration
• Auto Registration
• Manual Registration
• Option
• Installing extra memory
• Routine Maintenance
• Replacing the consumable items
• Toner cartridges
• Drum units
• Belt unit
• Waste toner box
• Cleaning
• Cleaning the outside of the printer
• Cleaning the LED head
• Cleaning the corona wires
• Cleaning the drum unit
• Cleaning the paper pick-up roller
• Troubleshooting
• Identifying your problem
• Paper handling
• Paper jams and how to clear them
• Jam Tray 1 (Paper jam inside the paper tray)
• Jam Rear (Paper jam behind the back cover)
• Jam Inside (Paper jam inside the printer)
• Improving the print quality
• Solving print problems
• Network problems
• Other problems
• For Macintosh with USB
• BR-Script 3 (HL-3075CW only)
• Appendix
• Printer specifications
• Engine
• Controller
• Direct Print feature
• Media specifications
• Supplies
• Dimensions / weights
• Other
• Computer requirements
• Important information for choosing your paper
• Symbol and character sets (HL-3075CW only)
• How to use Web Based Management (web browser)
• Symbol and character sets list
• Quick reference for bar code control commands (HL-3075CW...
• Print bar codes or expanded characters
• Libtiff Copyright and License
• Appendix (for Europe and Other Countries)
• Brother numbers
• Appendix (for USA and Canada)
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